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Our 100% waterproof shutter. The Venice has a solid timber core which is wrapped in ABS plastic, a remarkably strong material which is widely used to make crash helmets, and is much tougher and more stable than alternative PVC products.

We recommend using the Venice wherever the shutters may come into contact with water and/or high levels of condensation.
Available in a choice of 6 colours and 3 louvre sizes. The Venice has rust resistant stainless steel hinges as standard. You also have the option of fixed louvres, dressed up or dressed down.

The Venice has 50mm wide stiles. 10mm wider than our other shutter products. Mortice and tenon joints are used for strength and stability, and engineered laminated stiles to prevent warping. They are hand finished and covered with a clear UV coating to help prevent fading caused by direct sunlight. After a final visual inspection they are wrapped in bubble wrap and securely packed in polystyrene lined boxes ready for shipping.


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